Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Nue U-Change Is Always Great For The Soul

Meet the Board Members:
top row:RocDaddy, Shaheed Bottom:Ray & Tone Redd
top row:Runny Ray, Black bottom: Fry & Packman
top row:Josh,Poodie bottom:Big Dee & Sophia
top row:Jo Doja, Lloyd bottom:Day Day & Mookie

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Coast2Coast with the most. Jo Doja on a Chilly Chill Campaign.

Being that we are on a Chilly Chill Campaign, it was a no brainer to enter Jo Doja in the Coast2Coast Mixtape Concert Series Contest. Coast2Coast has been excellent at giving independent artists a chance to perform on their mixtapes for Record execs for quite some time now. You can Vote for Jo Doja 's "Chilly Chill" song here:

Here is a little information about Jo Doja, if you didn't know. #Union
Jo Doja
Born and Raised in the Northside section of Richmond, Virginia, Jo Doja began his musical career at the tender age of 5 years old competing in talent shows with his siblings until he realized that he had the strength to entertain on his own. Doja started making noise in 1997 with his crew, D.U(Da Union) making appearances in club outlets across the city.  In the year 2000, he released his first single "Caddi Man" on the independent label 804 Flava. "Caddi Man" earned Doja a serious buzz throughout the mid-Atlantic region. Doja's talent captured the attention of  upcoming executive Garnett March. In 2001 he landed a deal with March's new label called March Entertainment, which was distributed by Priority Records. Doja was featured on the movie soundtrack to: "What's The Worst That Can Happen?" starring Martin Lawrence & Danny DeVito. Doja was on the rise to national stardom but fell victim to music business politics. His deal with March Entertainment went sour when Priority Records and Capitol Records merged. Since then Doja and his crew: Rocdaddy and Sean Pea (DA UNION) collaborated with the(Skill Supafriendz, Lonnie B and Danja Mowf) on there two album releases: "The 804 Compilation" Vol. 1(2000) & "SupaVision" Vol. 2(2003). Doja bounced back in 2006 and released a mix tape titled "Full Court Press." The mix tape lead the way for his independent album titled "More Than Music" on Danja Mowf's Country Boy Music label. Now Doja returns to regain his position in the industry where he feels he belongs.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

We From The R- T-Shirts For Sale Now!!!

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Monday, March 3, 2014

CIAA 2014- Chilly Chill Weekend

Had a blast at this year's CIAA 2014. For all those who I had the pleasure of meeting and snapping a picture of you, you can find your picture in the link below. Special shout out to Duke University and the city of Charlotte, NC. Now, if you don't see your picture being that you remembered that I took a picture of you, trust me when I say, you will thank me later for not posting it. Being drunk and pretty sometimes don't work out they way we want to when the camera is around. lol. Enjoy.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Promoting A Record One Day At A Time

Good Day people. As you may not know, D.U has been doing hip hop music ever since 1992. We have mastered the art of making music by far. What we do for hip hop should be considered legendary because no hip hop group of this magnitude still does music together and are real friends. But enough with the mushy stuff.
For years, my team lacked the execution of promoting our own music. We have made numerous attempts to package Cd's and tapes(yes, I said to send off to radio stations and record companies. Before the Internet became popular, mailing packages was our only outlet to the music industry.
Our problem was simple. We create a record. We liked the record. We mix the record. We send the record out for a couple months to see if any feedback is given. We get feedback. Some feedback is positive while some was negative. We wait a couple more months for something to happen. Nothing happens. So we give up on the record and mix a new record to do the exact same steps over again.
Now what's wrong with that game plan you ask??
Many things are wrong with this plan. For one, we never actually sat down and discussed as a unit on how we will market and promote our music. Two, we never actually came to an agreement on who will be the artist we focus on first to secure a deal for the future. And lastly, we never wanted to spend any money to do anything that didn't involve studio, smoking weed or clothes. smh
Now this brings us to the present and the meaning behind the logos above us. We have grown up. We have collectively decided to promote one record for one year and see where it takes us. We chose NOT to promote the record locally because we are NOT a local group. Promoting our music locally is basically saying that we are content with making music for our peers and ex-high school classmates. Promoting a record locally can destroy your chances of taking things to the next level because if the record is a hit, it will only be a hit for a month or two in the city where you live.  This can be devastating to you promotional plans forward. Why? It all depends on the individual. Having a hit record in your city and ONLY in your city would give some individuals enough confidence to NOT promote that song any further. The attention that this individual will receive could be just enough to halt all promotional opportunities in other cities.
There are other individuals, like myself who think differently.
The Internet has been our BFF for the past 4 1/2 months. From Twitter to Google, my team has come up with a marketing strategy to promote one record around the world, one hour every day until Aug. 2014. That gives us exactly one year to promote one song. Some would say that plan is stupid and the song could die within a couple of months. How? 100 people who know that a song exists is not the same as 200,000 people knowing that song exists. The song is a new song every day to someone. It's our job to get it out there. Now this does not interfere with our regular 9 to 5 jobs. It's the same as taking a break to smoke some weed or do a crossword puzzle. Put in enough time to reach out to someone and change their life forever.  
With that being said, I would like to think the Blog writers,Radio stations & Dj's all over the world for rocking with us. We are humbled that you find our product beneficial to your movement. #Union

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014-New Year, New Things..

Happy New Year. Being that 2014 is here, it's time to announce new projects in the making from Team Union. We are still going strong with the Jo Doja/Chilly Chill campaign as we are celebrating the recent club play in Dubai.(yeah, I was shocked just as much as you are). The promotional team is still targeting online radio shows for possible radio play so if you know or are part of an online radio show, feel free to email us at
There will also be new videos in the works from Uncanny, Jo Doja/Rocdaddy & the launching of MiaTV Webisodes.
Black Wunda Films has started a new venture simply titled "Black Wunda Photos", where they will be handling most of D.U's promotional pictures. If you are in need of promotional pictures, contact Roc
We will like to thank all of those who supported the movement in 2013 and those that will continue to support in 2014. 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Gradys: The Wedding of 2013

I decided to post the videos of Tremaine & Kacherra Grady's Wedding day on this blog site because Kacherra is fam. Even though no one else besides us knows that she can really, she has helped me a lot on a couple of records..She is a very out going lady and her husband Tremaine is a very lucky guy. Be on the lookout for more videos from the Gradys. I got ideas Over 400 views in two days of Episode 1. Due to the fact that there is music by major artists in Parts 2 & 3, I suggest you look at these episodes on your desktop or laptop computer. Sorry for the inconvenience. Youtube has this policy.

 We here at AllthingsUnion are so proud of K-boogie.
If you haven't seen "The Gradys" episodes...check out all 3 parts below. #Union